Future Woman Leader Summit & Awards 2019

As women climb up the corporate ladder, they vanish in today's large organization. Even the statistics vary slightly. This is an extremely consistent pattern followed all around the world.

More than half of the employees in organizations are female at the lowest levels. As you move to each successively higher level in the organization, the number of women steadily shrinks. At the CEO level, worldwide, there are only 3% to 4% who are women. 50% of the global population are women and just one-fourth of the world politicians are women. The ratio gets lesser when it comes to women at the head of government positions which is only 7%


To empower women with an equal job, salary and leadership opportunities we are strengthening their leadership skills with the medium of our conferences on Women Leadership. The idea of doing something to give back to the society, women community and help women was always there as a passion in my heart. Ensuring education, equal rights, safety, good health, sanitation, awareness of threats women and young girls come across is the key areas of challenges for women across the globe. Challenges of even getting equally paid like men have been such a wish.

Irrespective of these ground level challenges, there have always been strong women to come up and lead in the male dominant sector. Be it the field of science, arts, mathematics, space studies, social work or what so ever… women have proved themselves without boundaries.


The idea of doing conferences which are women centric and focusing on Women Leadership in the Indian industry was a great start of contribution towards society. It was early August in the year 2017 when Future Woman Leader Summit and Awards was born after a 2-hour long discussion with the managing director of Transformance Forums, identifying our real interests.

In the conference industry where 80% of the workforce is dominated by women, it is quite obvious that there is a real need to promote women to the Leadership positions now. During our extensive research, we spoke to several women from various industries, working with top organizations heading their departments, most of them had stated a concern that they would like to know how women can have a work-life balance and all that the world is talking about. It is true that we are not stuck with old thoughts and attitude. This is New India and in this New India, women are leaders who take stand for themselves.

As they say it right, you educate a man in the family, there is one educated human. But, if you educate a woman in the family, the entire family gets educated. In this new India, the need is to empower women because the future of leadership, is women.

In this summit, women can understand how to face the challenges that on their leadership journey and what stops them to travel that one extra mile, change mind-sets and perceptions about women and take necessary steps towards woman leadership and empowerment.

The speakers at Future Woman Leader Summit focus and address issues women face in their corporate or the journey of their career. To be successful, one needs to be focused, dedicated, and devoted to their work. In this race, women face more challenges than what men do in our society.

Not talking only about being a working woman but considering women reach the top level management or be at the CXO position, we have observed a gap. Women in majority end up being at the CXO minus one position and never reach the CXO designations. Understanding this barrier and need we will discuss the key challenges women face in their leadership journey and how they can overcome them. The conclusion focuses on breaking the barrier of reaching that CXO minus One position in women leadership journey.

Some of the major topics of discussion at our 4th Edition Future Woman Leader Summit & Awards 2019 are around:

  • The Beauty of Charismatic Leadership
  • Don’t let your Career Break be a Pause for your Career
  • "Conscious Women: Leveraging Competencies to Succeed"
  • "How Female Leaders can create and live their Legacies"
  • Building your Support System for your ultimate Leadership
  • Women for Women
  • "Bridging the Gap between the CXO Position and You"
  • Women Entrepreneurs: Branding Your own Identity
  • Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs: Creating your own unique ‘play-space'
  • Finding your Leadership Purpose
  • Authentic Leadership: Discovering your Leadership Style
  • Thriving in the male dominant industry
  • Breaking the Barrier of Invisible Leadership

The first edition of the conference took place on 5th October at The Westin Garden City, Mumbai with a record making participation of 162 women leaders and Entrepreneurs participating in the summit. Followed by the second edition on 6th and 16th March 2018 in Delhi and Bengaluru respectively. For the third edition of Future Woman Leader Summit & Awards, 23rd November, St. Regis, Mumbai, we experienced the aura of trust, respect, and love from the industry which strengthened ours believes of continuing the great work and purpose. Each conference resulted in the overall ratings of 2.5 and above stating the great learning and life to change experience by over 400 women leaders who have participated in the series.

To celebrate women leadership and women who have broken the Glass ceiling and achieved their dreams and goals, we encourage the Future Woman Leader Awards. In the award ceremony, we recognize women leaders across the country in various fields of the male-dominated industry and a lot of innovation and steps towards a glorious future. The story of Future Woman Leader Summits and Awards has started with a purpose. It shall live, it shall grow and it shall change lives as it always does.

We are here to change lives… We are here to change India because Now, is the time for Women.

Transform with Transformance!