India's Largest Gathering for ESG Leaders on 26 April 2024, New Delhi
Latest ESG Trends and Developments
Networking Opportunities with Experts
Expert Insights & Strategies

What Are Challenges?

  •    Lack of understanding or concern about the impact of a business on the environment and society
  •    Difficulty in measuring and communicating the impact of ESG initiatives
  •    Limited resources and budget for implementing ESG initiatives
  •    Measuring and reporting ESG performance
  •    Managing ESG risks and opportunities
  •    Challenges in showing the correlation between ESG actions and financial outcomes

Why Attend This Event?

  •    Overview of the current state of ESG and its relevance to businesses and organizations
  •    Best practices for integrating ESG into business strategy and decision making
  •    Case studies of successful ESG initiatives and their impact on business performance
  •    Opportunities for networking and sharing ideas with industry experts and peers
  •    Look at the potential future of ESG and its impact on businesses and the global economy
  •    Discussion of the challenges and opportunities in measuring and reporting on ESG performance




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