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Changing Dynamics

Organisation Development has a bit of uncertainty around it. Caused due to changes in technology, skill set requriment and evolving company srategy. Building effective teams. Developing thier future skills. And postive cultures changes are all key activities of OD. These drive perofmance and productivity

Current Realities

The pace of change is now exponential. It is now more important than ever for OD to take a central role in organisations development. and make an impact in designing relevant business structures and development programmes. The profile of OD within organisations is becoming more significant and more powerful in enabling businesses to develop and succeed.

Implementation OD Initiatives:

Implementing the right OD initiatives enables organizations to transform their organization culture, structure. by reassessing, redesigning and restructuring its processes & systems.


Anindya Shee

VP and Global Head- Organization Development, Talent Management


Ashish Misra

Head Learning & Development

Johnson & Johnson

Gautam Mehra

National Head & Vice President - Talent Management, OD, Performance Management & Analytics

Bajaj Capital Ltd.

Harini Srinivasan

HR Thought Leader

Worley India

Heena Verma

Head Learning & Organization Development

Times Group

Jonathan D'Souza

Chief Culture & Digital Transformation

Logistic integrators I Pvt Ltd

Manish Advani

Head Change Management, Marketing & Public Relations

Mahindra SSG

Manisha Kelkar

Head Corporate HR

Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd.

Mustafa Sayeed

India Learning & talent development Lead

Travelex India Pvt.Ltd

Naveen Kumar

VP & Head - Human Resources

JSW Infrastructure

Nirav Jagad

Chief People Officer


Pranati Krishna

Global Learning Solutions Leader - LD/MD & Diversity


Sahil Nayar

Senior Associate Director HR

KPMG India

Shilpi Lal Sharma

COE – Talent & OD

National Stock Exchange of India Limited

Shruti Jaiswal

VP – Talent & Development

Thomson Reuters

Swatee Sarangi

Head Capability Development & Corporate HR

Larsen & Toubro

Uma Maheshvari S

Head - Organization & Talent Development (OTD) India


Venugopalrao Banki

Vice President - Organization Design & Productivity

ACC Limited

Winfred Samson

Executive Director & Head - India Organization, Global Learning & Development


Why you should attend?

OD profession faces an exciting future. As technology, globalization, and cultural shifts impact the way people work together.

The task of the Leaders & Organisational Development practitioners is to shape the world of the organisation. In a way that objectives are achieved . Leaders, at all levels, set the tone, show the way, and create the conditions for their people to flourish.

It is “Hard” and Business like to ensure that everyone has a clear sense of their roles, tasks, and goals . “Strategic” to understand and deliver a compelling employee value proposition. “Soft” to ensure humane workplace based on universal human values such as respect. True success occurs when the organization is well aligned and prepared to tackle challenges in a unified manner. Equipping the entire organization with leadership skills & building a solid culture of engaged employees prepares the organization to be vanguard of the industry. Spearheading innovative trends, utilizing cutting-edge technologies, and leading its way into the future.

Leaders bring this culture alive by exploring the real-life stories. Keeping a track of what is happening, what they would want to happen & how to get there by walking the talk with the C- Suit of the organization.

This Summit will help you identify the various trends, technologies emerging into the OD Space. Helping your organizations to reassess, redesign & reconnect to Next Gen OD

Who Should Attend

Organization Development / Organization Effectiveness Practitioners
VP, Directors and Head:

Performance Management


Succession Planning

Training & Development

Organization Learning

Talent Management & Development

Organization Change

Leadership Development

Human Resource

Attendees will Gain insights on:

  • Developing and implementing strategies that excite people and inspire organizational growth; turn plans into action
  • An understanding of the key differences and outcomes differentiating expert-led design from process-led design
  • Variety of learning opportunities to help you expand your knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics that advance the science, practice and theory of OD.
  • An avenue to meet your professional development needs and evolve your learning style.
  • Understand the key competencies and principles of org design
  • Use a whole systems approach to designing your org to deliver the strategic business objectives
  • Learn how to overcome common barriers and pitfalls to org design and restructuring
  • Conduct real-life case studies and develop micro/macro designs Gain

Pricing Details

Till 7 June 2019

  • 1 Delegate - Rs. 10,000 + Taxes
  • 3 Delegate - Rs. 25,000 + Taxes
  • 5 Delegate - Rs. 40,000 + Taxes

Standard Rate

  • 1 Delegate - Rs. 12,500 + Taxes
  • 3 Delegate - Rs. 35,000 + Taxes
  • 5 Delegate - Rs. 50,000 + Taxes

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